Central & Eastern European ILDs Interstitial Lung Diseases  Patient Network

Central european ILDs Patient network


Centres of Expertise (CEs) are expert centres for the management and care of rare disease (RD) patients. ILD/PF centres of expertise specialise in ILDs. They aim to provide patients with ILD/PF (among others) with the highest standards of care and to deliver timely diagnosis, appropriate treatments and follow up. 

They also contribute to research and collaborate with different stakeholders, including patient organisations. What is more, the European Commission has organised European Reference Networks (ERNs), aimed at tackling complex or rare diseases and conditions that require highly specialised treatment and resources. They unite several CEs and provide expert opinions, advice and referral for cross-border care when appropriate. An ERN on respiratory diseases including fILDs was launched in March 2017: the ERN-LUNG. The ERN-LUNG (find more information here) is made up of many European Expert Centres (see here), but not all. We strongly recommend that you ask your local patient group or GP about your nearest nationally recognised centre